Cruising down the Rhone

I’m taking a river boat down the Rhone in a couple of weeks. I’ll be floating with one of my daughters for seven nights! I am afraid that my instinctive need for physical activity might be a threat to our well-being. Thank goodness, my travel companion is charming, socially adept and willing to overcompensate for my behavior.  I’m trying to figure out how to get to the bikes before anyone else and imagine I’ll be that person who wants to be the first off and then on again.

route                                   RH_DLX_PEOPLE_LYON_03_web_02_769cf6f717rhone pic


I hate lines. I like wine and food however. And I downloaded 6 new books.  Besides packing light (is that possible on a cruise?), I’m thinking I need a new stylish haircut to fit in.  Actually planning for my next trip is one of my favorite things.

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2 Responses to Cruising down the Rhone

  1. Bill McGRATH says:

    A beautiful part of the world- I lived in Pirmasens Germany, very close to the French border and I spent some time exploring the Rhone

  2. aahh, I am looking forward to the beautiful scenery! (and the wine)

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