An Early Start


I inherited my wanderlust.  My parents thought the whole idea of a station wagon was to load up the kids and go someplace new.   One of my earliest recollections was a trip to Chicago to see the museums and the stock yard. While we all still fit in a car we also saw Yellowstone, all the Great Lakes, Florida and New York City.

As the family grew (I’m one of 13 children), my Dad bought an old school bus and converted it into a prototype of the future motor homes.  We had a bunk bed in back with double size mattresses, a gas cook-top, an actual “ice box”, and enough seats left for all of us.  Underneath in storage was a big tent and sleeping bags for the older kids.  We tried to stop at a motel every third night for bathing and to eat out!

These trips usually lasted a month and took in sections of the country.  One year the North East, another the Southeast, etc. There are many stories within the confines of these journeys.  Another day.

There was also the money jar in the cupboard above the milk dispenser at home. Mom would put the grocery change in it regularly. Each of us would ask her why she was saving that money.  Her story to me was that someday I would go to Europe….how she managed a special future for each of us is again another story.

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