Staycation, Really?

I chuckle when I see the meme of someone’s floor plan and they joke that they are traveling today to this particular room…all in honor of staying at home, sheltering in place. It’s a crazy time and I do dream about traveling soon, just not sure it’ll happen. (pics of shower curtain and suitcases hiding under my bed/sofa)


I live in a studio apartment, or what I fondly call “my shed with a bed”. I sold my home years ago in order to have travel money to fulfill my dreams. I’m usually not sad about that except for now. I miss it. (not sure if it’s my home I miss or the travel). Yes, I’m sure….it’s the “road not taken”.  


So far, I’ve had to cancel three trips. I’ve two more on the schedule, one for August and one for September, trying to hit those times between outbreaks of Covid-19. I am too up to date on every country and every problem, causing many sleepless nights. I get upset with the numbers of people in my neighborhood who ignore social-distancing and refuse to wear masks. I truly don’t want to go through this again (day 40 for me).


My airline of choice, Delta, is being great with their loyalty program. Apparently I would not have to travel 125,000 miles this year and could retain my status with my miles rolling over. While I enjoy the game of meeting their requirements I enjoy the travel more.

About Agingadventurer

I have now visited over 100 Countries and hope to add at least 5 every year.
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