Bye bye birdie

qatar and bahrain 085 (640x480)

Doha, Qatar boasts a beautiful corniche with its iconic oyster shell, an incredible Museum of Islamic Art, more new buildings than I could count and a section of their large bazaar that features an entire block of shops selling impressive falcons and everything one might need to compete in the sport of falconry.

As I am directionally impaired I was having difficulty finding this area among the rest of the souks. I serendipitously  approached a Qatari gentleman and asked him for help.  After seeing my frustration with his advice he decided it would be easier to have me follow him.  What luck, as he was a Falconer with 5 birds of his own (they typically run at least $350,000 each). The shopkeepers all greeted him with respect and familiarity and his clout allowed me to hold a few birds on my arm.

Seeing my delight he then took me to the falcon hospital surgery ward to watch a bird get new feathers implanted.  Apparently these birds are as well-traveled as I am, and typically come with their own passport for times when they compete in other countries.



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