In the Sky

Debby files 053

This photo was taken at 2008 Summer Olympics!

Am out and about with the masses this week collecting stories. I need to take a shuttle bus for 2 and 1/2 hours just to get to the airport….there and back on the two busiest days of the year.  Doesn’t look like my plane to Beijing is oversold, however, perhaps airplane food is not what most people like for Thanksgiving dinner.

This particular trip is referred to as a mileage run among the competitive frequent flyers. Many of those would not even spend a couple of nights in China, they would simply turn around on the next trip back. I like to stay on the ground at least as long as I’m in the air…a sense of balance or something.

As this is my sixth trip to Beijing, I won’t be surprised by the smog or the new buildings but am sure I’ll find adventure somewhere. I’ve packed black clothes and a couple of face masks.



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