Wedding in Mexico



Pre ceremony 3

Destination weddings…what fun especially if you’re mother of the bride. I’ve watched as friends of mine have walked around with a big notebook, a file box and shaky nerves, all so their daughter would have a “dream come true”.

Talk of weddings, dresses, photos, meals, cakes and such have never been a top priority for me and so I was surprised that a child of mine wanted a glamorous ceremony. She, very thoughtfully, took me out of the loop.

Erin decided on Cabo san Lucas, a place I’d never visited.  All play and no work for me! My only concerns were an air ticket, find someone willing to share the cost of the all-inclusive hotel and a present.  Airline miles to the rescue. I had enough to gift the bride and groom round trip first class tickets plus get myself down there in coach!

The wedding was held at the Westin ( they celebrated their first anniversary already!) and a bridal coordinator came with the package. Since the couple were older and successful they were not asking for any parental aid, allowing me to enjoy all the amenities of the beautiful sun-filled resort from swimming to sipping, from beach-combing to imbibing, from exercising to guzzling, and just plain eating and drinking.


wedding 0082

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