I Hit the Goal!

My goal is to  visit  5 new countries every year and I have done so now for over a dozen years. I also do repeat visits to some nations as they are just too large to cover in a single visit…like China!  I have been there 8  times.  I thought I was short this year but then remembered the trip to  Swaziland and Mozambique!  Will have to get that story on paper soon.

Early last year I went to both Qatar and Bahrain and then the trip I erased in my mind due to  a senior moment in late March down in Southern Africa.  I wasn’t sure what place would take the number 5 spot until I found a really cheap fare to Bermuda.

I know that islands in the Caribbean are an easier target than many places I’ve travelled…but I was saving those along with my first ever cruise when I slow down a little more.  One of my sisters agreed to go with me and we had a very nice time. And they really do dress like that!

bermuda 013 (640x480)bermuda 002

And apparently I can’t add as I also added Uzbekistan in 2014…need to update my list!

About Agingadventurer

I have now visited over 100 Countries and hope to add at least 5 every year.
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2 Responses to I Hit the Goal!

  1. lfish64 says:

    Way to reach your goal. Favorite country?

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