Will I Fit In?

Backroads, an active travel agency, was highly recommended by my sister and her husband who have taken over 10 trips with them. It cost much more than I cough up for my frequent jaunts and it was with a group. I worried that I might be one of those who didn’t play well with others. I’ve lived alone for some time and usually travel by myself or with one other person.  While I’m not an introvert, I’ve become more and more anti-social!

pat group    pat 2

The group consisted of 4 doctors, 4 lawyers, 6 highly successful business people and me.

pat wind - Copy    pat last

They didn’t hold my lack of status against me and were even impressed with some of my past travel experiences most likely due to the quantity and not the quality!  I am one who often leaps without looking. On the other hand, I was quite interested in the people who join a group without knowing anyone else and never hesitating to pay the single supplement.  While I have taken many trips by myself I think taking a group trip as a party of one is much scarier.

pat ice breaker - Copy    glacier group - Copy

A common interest certainly helps. The fact that all of us liked hiking,  nice accommodations and great food was the ice-breaker so to speak!  Oops, guess who didn’t quite make her mark in the last photo?  In spite of that, they all really made me feel a part of the pack.

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I have now visited over 100 Countries and hope to add at least 5 every year.
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