Patagonia Peaks

I was actually called “one of the girls”, only because I tried to keep up with my daughter and another young woman who plays ultimate frisbee for kicks. Taking an active vacation with other fit adventurers in search of incredible beauty was definitely one of my favorites in forever!


We traversed through sand dunes, glaciers, wild cow paths, stone steps,  meadows and mountainous corridors. Each day but one involved a hike that was challenging and long enough to feel good about indulging in a decadent dinner with wine (think delicious Malbec).

WP_20150128_10_13_46_Pro  WP_20150131_13_07_20_Pro

patagonia 033  patagonia 013

I had trouble one day keeping up with the entire group as I was suffering from what is called “turista”.  I self medicated with Imodium and did not take in enough water or eat any snacks causing me to hit the wall on an upward climb. Thank goodness for the assistance provided by other group members: carrying my backpack, giving me water and encouraging me on the last final steps to the pinnacle.

patagonia 074

Besides the hiking we also took boat rides across Lake Argentina, rode horses across raging streams and heard tales (with pictures of proof) of the huge salmon caught by fly fishermen and by one of the local guides with a can and line.

The lodges on this trip were also phenomenal. Although very remote, they somehow managed to offer every comfort imaginable. If you look carefully at the center of the second picture you will see Eolo, a hotel that certainly captured Patagonia’s spirit!


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