Not the Usual Trip

But on second thought, it seems as though I’ve repeated it  a few times in the past four years! I’m “moving” again.  It is reminiscent of travel as I don’t take any more than I can get on a plane or in a small car.   I’ve discovered that baggage can weigh you down a long time ago. Unfortunately I’ve not learned to live longer than a month without a few more comforts, conveniences and maybe even a few luxuries….meaning that I will end up replenishing supplies once I’ve settled in. Hoping my daughters remember the times I donated furniture etc. to them;-)


I am driving my used car with over 100,000 miles from Oak Harbor WA to San Diego, CA with my dog and all of our stuff in the trunk, under the seat, on the seats and hopefully not on my lap.  It was funny what seemed to matter when deciding what would go and what would be given away.  For some reason I am attached to a TV tray and all the dog toys; however the TV, printer, pots and pans will go in first, then as many clothes that can fit into my various suitcases along with my yoga mat and of course any left over bottles of wine.

San Diego to Boquete to Oak Harbor and back to San Diego:

unnamed - Copy  new home 004 (640x480) (2) (640x480)

IMG_20140803_164641_254   Debby files 009

We won’t be doing any sightseeing other than what appears on the I-5 corridor as I tend to be pretty goal oriented with this type of trip.  I left San Diego about four years ago and I’m excited to be going home and hope my wanderlust will hold off for a while.



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I have now visited over 100 Countries and hope to add at least 5 every year.
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