Some Six hundred years after Columbus I finally made it to the Dominican Republic

While most tourists seek out the incredible beaches of this nation, I opted to visit Santo Domingo, the capital and largest city.  I didn’t plan to explore the entire city nor do a day side trip elsewhere so I decided to stay in the Zona Colonial and walk as far as I could in two days time.

from phone 251 from phone 261

The ride into the city was expensive and distant; I knew I would not be back to some of these places and asked the driver to stop so I could snap a photo.  Then he surprised me by dropping me off at a different hotel than I had booked.  Apparently mine was now part of the expanding ruble and the company put me up at another in their “chain”.  I was incredibly lucky as it was actually part of the original city wall,  next to all the excitement but quiet enough for a good night sleep.

from phone 273 from phone 274

Around every corner and down every street were old historical buildings, colorful homes above shops, and plazas full of music, birds and a very cosmopolitan mix of people.


from phone 277 from phone 280

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from phone 291   from phone 297

Calle de Conde is a pedestrian street lined with both shops and artisan displays.  There are restaurants, a few hotels, museums and lots of action including political demonstrations.from phone 381  from phone 464

Besides the old city, I was able to walk through most of Gazcue which is one of the oldest neighborhoods featuring many grand old houses and I also ambled up El Malecon with the waterfront on one side and huge casinos on the other.

from phone 569     from phone 542

A city definitely worth toasting!

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