Barking in Bhutan

Dogs are everywhere and they seem to belong to everyone. They did not seem aggressive but I was warned about walking at night, not sure if it was because I would not see what I was stepping in or if they might be too frisky.  The government has an active sterilization and vaccination program attempting to keep control of the population.

bhutan 029   bhutan 044

Dogs keep a respectable distance, but do not refuse a kind gesture or morsel of food.  The picnic lunch one day proved to be a bonanza for the nearby pack.  Yeshey, our superlative guide, took a few moments preparing all the left-overs by mixing the big pot with his hand and then dishing it out in separate mounds circumventing our blanket.

bhutan 103   bhutan 156

And while many dogs roam the streets and tourist sites they often join a family pet at meal times.  One woman said her dog routinely invited eight or nine dogs over for dinner!

bhutan 225  bhutan 066

The Humane Society International has a program called “Become a Street Dog Defender” which provides sterilization, vaccination and treatment.


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