Similar to San Diego

Rio de Janeiro’s weather and beaches reminded me of home…as did the casual dress of the people. However, there are some pronounced differences.  First of all, the bathing attire is decidedly skimpier.  I was prepared to wear a two piece in order not to announce “tourist” but didn’t realize that 3 bikinis could have been made from my suit.

P1040550    P1040570

Then you have the miles of sand that look cleaner, feel softer and are occupied by incredible athletes playing volleyball without using their hands! But June gloom is a phenomena there too.  Note the difference later in the day!

P1040572       P1040555

All large cities seem to have specialized their scamming of unsuspecting visitors and many travel sites will tell you of these ahead of time, so that you are somewhat more aware when you tread on the danger zones.  However, beauty combined with excitement can lead even a seasoned traveler astray.

P1040564    P1040641

My friend was strolling behind me on the Avenue next to the beach after dinner, having just shared leftovers with a few homeless men when he was approached by a young woman screaming something and trying to show him her cell phone. His confusion was multiplied when her accomplices (two more young women) saddled up to him.  He thought he was being propositioned and tried to tell them he was not interested.  Later he discovered that his pockets had been successfully picked!

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