Aventuras and Alegria en Argentina

What great fun. I don’t remember laughing this much any time any where. We cracked up at breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between. You can almost hear my delight when looking at the pictures.

fun-on-boat-ar-copy   hike-ar

We biked, we hiked and we kayaked. And Molly did a 15 mile run.  Time in between was spent eating sumptuous meals washed down with fantastic Malbecs. Then there were the boat rides and the van rides, one of which caused the most uproar when the driver who was also an EMT pulled over to check Aron who was carsick….we had immense trouble holding back the hysterics as he applied both the cuff and stethoscope. His mother, Nancy laughed the hardest, followed by my daughter, Molly, who I think was also remembering her mother’s lack of empathy on occasion.

img_0024-1    img_0012

The assist after the 15 mile run.  Yoga on the beach.

We stayed in 3 different inns, each one was spectacular in views provided and service rendered. One night we went to a private home for a typical Argentinian asado.  We stopped at a wine store on the way and then shared our bottle with the table.  The salads accompanying the fire roasted meats, along with the homemade empanadas  made this meal everyone’s favorite. The stories shared that night brought us closer together in addition to adding more fuel to the fun.

dsc_0807   img_0042

The group was fortunate to have offspring along for the rides, out of the 16 in the group 6 were with a parent or parents. The “kids” while all legally adults, were delightful, willing to join in the fun and to gently remind me, in particular, that one is never too old to learn new tricks! Like the mannequin challenge…

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