Expensive Amusements in Iceland

While Iceland is cold in the winter, it’s also one of the hottest tourist destinations.  In fact, Conde Naste Magazine suggests that you might want to wait, especially when the number of tourists in 2017 was more than six times the total population.


When the Kardashians and the Housewives of Orange County  preceded me on one of my adventures I know I’m late to the table.  Both groups actually stayed in one of the same hotels as me, although I’m guessing they were in suites when I enjoyed the rustic cabin wing.


Iceland has found a way to cater to all comers, particularly Americans who seem to be visiting in droves.  They have decorated caves with white fur, carved out insides of a glacier,  built walkways through lava tunnels and brought in unstoppable monster trucks with 46 inch tires that can conquer almost any terrain.


These amazing activities may enhance the natural environment for additional pleasure but I hope the numbers participating don’t ruin what Mother Nature created in this wonderland.


Don’t be overly impressed with the low airfares because meals, drinks, lodging and activities will more than make up for those!  The prices in Hawaii seem very affordable when compared to Iceland.  Disclaimer: I loved it despite the prices! And does anyone know where I can buy Smjorbutter in the USA?

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