Eating as an Epicurean

My recent visit to Lima, Peru to see my daughter was a delight to say the least.  She scheduled at least one meal a day at an incredible restaurant….some little holes in the wall, others where I was definitely under-dressed.  Out of the seven stops only one did not include the ceviche (raw fish marinated in citrus juices, chili and onions, served with a side of roasted corn and vibrant sweet potatoes ), along with causa (a potato side-dish beautifully presented in a tower usually with avocado and seafood),and well, of course, the Pisco Sour!  This trip I also tried both the lomo saltado ( a delicious stew) and aji de gallina (creamy chicken in tasty sauce). I highly recommend both!


CNN, Bloomberg’s, San Pellegrino as well as other travel magazines have all listed Lima as one of the greatest gourmet cities in the world! Due in part to their diverse food crops and seafood as well as the cultural infusion from many other countries,  the plethora of highly trained chefs have created a city with really really good food! P.S. Robert De Niro  was at one of these places the night before us…apparently I sat in the same chair!



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