Cruising in the Caribbean

While I cruised for a week on the Seabourn Odyssey it certainly was not a voyage marked by upheaval or even any big waves.  It would be difficult to find something wrong with this beautiful ship on its expedition among the Caribbean islands.

This boat includes 11 decks with two swimming pools, six outdoor whirlpools, a spa and a gym.  There is a capacity for 450 passengers.  The dining rooms serve incredible food and drink and the overall service of the staff is amazing.

As a woman traveling alone I was invited to join other diners each evening, hosted by one of the entertainers or one of the ship officers. The majority of the passengers were Brits and I met quite a few who had made this exact trip before!

While I’ve not done many ocean voyages the fact that I would amass 5 new countries to add to my check-it-off map was a definite plus.   Starting at Barbados, our stops included St. Kitt’s and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines,  Guadeloupe, Martinique, Antigua and Sint Maarten where I disembarked.

Living in San Diego I wasn’t as excited as most of the passengers to visit the local beaches although I do like walking them and enjoy a good snorkeling spot.


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3 Responses to Cruising in the Caribbean

  1. Bill McGRATH says:

    You really are my HERO Deb

  2. billmacblog says:

    You are my Hero Deb – Keep on keeping on

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