The Lap of Luxury

As a single woman traveling alone I was hesitant to book a palatial resort especially when “honeymoon” is a big draw in the Seychelles. But the Constance Ephelia has 300+ rooms: advertising Senior Suites, Family Villas, Beach Houses, and Junior Suites. I was able to book at a discount through Emirates Airlines and decided to go with the half-board option due to both Covid and that I would not be renting a car.

Tourism had recently opened and all vaccinated vacationers did not need to quarantine although you needed to be tested before arrival and had to promise to wear a mask anytime you encountered others not in your party. As far as I could determine most all of the tourists were either from Russia or Israel.

This resort, through their boat houses and fitness center, offered guided hikes, zip-lining, paddle boarding, wind surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, sailing and a chance to feed the tortoises! All of these activities were included in the price of the room. Which was expensive! I only ate the two meals a day and limited myself to one glass of wine daily as drinks were extra.

This paradise stretches over 300 acres of green and sand, hills and lagoons. Two of the most beautiful beaches on this island are here. There are bikes to use without sign up and golf carts cruising by to pick you up every 10 minutes. However, I preferred walking the beaches past restaurants and various swimming pools!

With such a large capacity it was nice to know that at least 55% of employees were local and that they have their own water treatment facility! Many of the other staff were young people from around the world who were using their skills to travel, to dive and to meet other like-minded people.

Since I had to check out by noon on the last day and had many hours before my flight I hired the taxi driver I met on arrival to give me a guided tour of the entire island. It was money well spent. Allen stopped at places of interest, drove over the mountain and around the coast and kept me entertained with history lessons and culture details.

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4 Responses to The Lap of Luxury

  1. Susan Jewett says:

    Sounds great.

  2. Have you been “out and about” yet?

  3. It looks amazing! And why not treat yourself from time to time 🙂

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