Biking with Backroads

I do not own a bicycle and have not ridden one for over three years. However, due to a long layoff from travel due to Covid, I was intrigued by my sister and her husband’s plan to ride along the Loire River in France. They know their stuff as they have done numerous trips with Backroads, an upscale active travel outfitter. I too have done a few trips with them but mostly hiking. I decided to join them.

Brian, Benjamin and Marjorie: Support Staff Extraordinaire

Last time I did some biking I had to borrow clothes from another sister. I looked the part until someone noticed I had her gloves on inside out. I’m afraid of traffic and not aware of all the protocol for riders in a group. I was concerned enough to consider practice but did not want to risk visiting the gym during this crazy pandemic. It was suggested that I sign up for one of their e-bikes and let the guides teach me everything I needed to know. That was the route I wisely chose. Luckily, I had kept up with my fitness. Although, I was nervous every time I had to take one hand of the handle bars to signal.

I run out of superlatives when describing the guides, the equipment, the routes, the lodging and the food. In addition our guides were well versed in the history, geography and local lore; and they could handle any emergency from flat tires to finding a pharmacy that would open early in order for me to get my covid test before traveling home.

I highly recommend Backroads to any person who wants an incredibly fun and active vacation. Their catalogs describing their various trips is worthy of sitting on any coffee table from a mansion to my humble studio apartment! I will share a daily report of my delightful days in the Loire Valley in my upcoming blogs.

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  1. Jim says:

    It was a mighty good trip

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