Travelling Just to Travel

Many years passed since I’ve visited New York City, at least 15. Walking through favorite neighborhoods along with the new icons were beckoning. And a note to anyone who plans on going soon: every place I went I had to show proof of vaccination except for all transportation.

I started with the TWA hotel at JFK airport. Since I was reminiscing, I thought I’d experience the glamour of days gone by. While I thought I was paying for first class I found myself downgraded to coach. Overlooking the airport doesn’t necessarily mean the runways, but the roof-top pool did offer such views. I felt as if I were in the Super Jumbo Airbus. I’m not sure if the service reflected Covid parameters or if it was just lacking in some areas. Drinks were served in plastic glasses and some of the venues like the actual plane converted into a bar were closed due to photo shoots. However, they do have the largest hotel gym I’ve ever seen.

My weekend happened to coincide with the New York Marathon so it was fun stopping by the finish line to share in all the jubilation.

I also decided to “move on up” at the Summit One Vanderbilt adjacent to Grand Central Station. There were tons of people there and the line to get in felt like New York in the old days. While very interesting it didn’t quite measure up to all the hype. At each level there was a camera ready to take your photo for an expensive memento!

A much more somber experience was my visit to the 911 Museum. Again there was a long line but there were curators who stood among us and shared insights that kept us riveted. I was told about the morgue behind the Blue Wall where remains of victims were still being identified. This site is an incredible memorial and a must see for all.

While in the city I stayed at the Beekman, an old and very elegant hotel close by the Brooklyn Bridge and the World Trade Center. And lucky for me it was right across from a deli with great food and even better prices!

The topper to my mini vacation was my ride back to JFK! When I first arrived I bought a metro card and had been using it for all my excursions that were not walkable. But for my return I booked Blade’s helicopter flight from the West side for 5 to 7 minutes of unapparelled views of the city (vaccine is required). I will be back!

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I have now visited over 100 Countries and hope to add at least 5 every year.
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2 Responses to Travelling Just to Travel

  1. skipper2430 says:

    Always been my favorite city. At the end of a military trip to West Point I spent a day walking around NY City–always interesting! Say hi to the girls for me!

  2. Will do…both are back in San Diego!

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