Anticipating the Arctic Circle

I”ve never been this far North and realize that I may be one of the last generations to experience this land.The Smithsonian Institute is joining forces with the French shipping line, Le Ponant, to provide the comfort and education for those of us aboard.

The thought that the ship may be adding to the climate troubles is alone concerning. And yet, I would love to witness the floe edge, the narwhals, the polar bears, the midnight sun….

I took the same ship to Antarctica a few years ago and had an amazing time in spite of all the scientists telling me the horrors of plastic, the warming of the planet and my obligations to our incredible planet.

I enjoy reading books and watching movies about the area before embarking to get into the spirit of adventure. Migration: A Novel ( Charlotte McConagly) was a mystery story based on the Arctic Terns. Another novel called Girl in Ice (Erica Ferencik) was chilling! And Arctic Void was a scary movie. Now I’m starting a non-fiction book called Icebound, Shipwrecked at the Edge of the World by Andrea Pitzer which promises to fill me with both the” splendors and the terrors” that await me.

I am also concerned that two considerable challenges could cause the trip to be cancelled. First, Covid has not gone away and a new surge might prohibit me from both the flight to Paris, the flight to Longyear and boarding the boat. If Covid strikes while sailing I am somewhat protected as I have a single cabin with a balcony. I will have an adequate supply of masks and hand sanitizer.

Just today my second fear was brought to the forefront by Thomas Friedman who suggested that a direct war with Russia may strike sooner than one might think. Both the USA and all NATO countries are possibly in Putin’s warring mindset.

It’s all going to happen within a month….or not!

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I have now visited over 100 Countries and hope to add at least 5 every year.
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