A Quick Visit to Central Oregon

First of all, I stayed in two incredible hotels. The first night was in Redmond at a place called SPC, or Soul, Community, Planet. It is marketed as Holistic Hospitality. And they offer “next-level wellness amenities, close proximity to natural landmarks, and an emphasis on locally sourced goods”. And every stay does good whether it’s planting a tree, providing mental health tools or donating to some other very worthy cause. This is a new chain with locations in Hawaii, California and other cities in Oregon!

After settling in our suite we were advised to eat next door at Terra Kitchen, which proved to be both delicious and innovative.  We all dined on vegetarian options and were not disappointed in the shared plates.

A show of artwork by a local artist was on display in the lobby of the hotel and the artist was most engaging.  In fact she planned our next day’s outing:  A hike in Smith’s Rock State Park!  Her favorite was the Misery Ridge Trail.  This park is known as the birthplace of American sport climbing…and is one of their best destinations in the U.S.!   Technical climbing is above my “pay-grade”.

After visiting Crater Lake (see last post) we ventured into Bend, OR.  We walked the town, ate at another great vegetarian place and stayed at a great “eco-chic boutique hotel” called the Oxford. Our weekend was coming to an end so the only adventure this day was the gym!

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I have now visited over 100 Countries and hope to add at least 5 every year.
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