It was so great to see the old people cleaning up the beach!

The Captain spoke these words over the Public Address System of the ship. At first I laughed as most of us were older than 60, well maybe 70; at least 3 in their 80’s. Even though English is not his first language I still found it a bit odd that he would phrase it so. However, I realized that, yes, it was fantastic that old people who would not be around in 20 or so years were still concerned enough about our planet to help protect it for the future travelers. It only took one to start this effort.

Sandy is one of those women who cares about everyone and everything. The first day on land she just stuffed her pockets with debris and encouraged others to do the same. The next time she came prepared with huge burlap bags and left them in a pile. Within minutes every one of us were picking up the garbage that had washed to shore from fishing boats….and with the currents in the Arctic Circle they may have floated from a great distance. We were all pretty pleased with ourselves and are hoping this will become a thing. There are cloth laundry bags in each cabin which can be washed and reused multiple times. It is a small thing that can have huge consequences.

This is Sandy!
This is Sandy! Thank you from all of us!

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5 Responses to It was so great to see the old people cleaning up the beach!

  1. Shirley Tink says:

    Hi Deb, I have been following your adventures. So pleased your Artic trip was great. Boarding Le Boreal would have brought memories of Antarctica trip. Can’t believe the rubbish, but good on the “oldies” for doing their bit!! Fab photos and the animals and birds you saw fantastic. The Polar bears a highlight. Cheers from “Down Under ” Shirley

    • I’ve been thinking of you as I am planning a quick trip to Darwin and Alice Springs! Will only be in and out so no time for a visit this trip..hope all is well. The ship brought back many many fond memories!

      • Shirley Tink says:

        Hi Deb, when do plan trip to Aus? The outback is fantastic. Lots of red dirt!! I loved my trip to “The Kimberley” The weather can be pretty hot depending on time of year.

  2. Weather sounds challenging but am coming in just a little over a week! Always checking to see if Covid or the airlines have a different challenge, but hopefully the first week of August. Looks like I’ll need a light jacket at night ? and sweat proof clothes during the day?

  3. Shirley Tink says:

    Yes, can get cold at night especially in Alice Springs. Covid not great in cities, but OK up north I think. Enjoy and look forward to hearing about your next adventure. Cheers Shirley

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