Covid Caught up with Me

I was diligent, I was cautious and I was a bit of a control-freak. I thought I just had “trust” issues but one of my daughters assured me it had to do more with “control” issues.
For three years I avoided Covid. I have had 5 avoidance vaccines and I still get my groceries delivered. I haven’t returned to the gym and I wear a mask anytime I go into a crowded space, like airplanes and airports.

Last week I had a few medical appointments like PT and veterinary visits with my dog. Of course, I wore a mask, but many others that were in my space did not! Everybody seemed to think the threat was over. I knew differently as one of my sisters had recently contracted it by sitting next to a coughing stranger on a plane. She is much nicer than me because she excused him by saying she understood he wanted to get home. I hate being sick and am less nice than usual when it happens (I hear the snickering).


To make matters worse both of my daughters were in Europe, and my sister who cooks and helps with my dog was in Florida for a softball tournament.  I immediately had a virtual meeting with my health care service and was advised to reconsider taking Paxlovid.  However, it was available should I struggle with breathing.  Okay, that meant no workouts, no long walks with my dog and a reprieve from PT!  But it also meant no Pickleball or travel.  I had to cancel a trip to Naples to stay with another sister who has the best guest house, amenities and food.  Oh poor me! 

I felt blessed though in many ways.  My son-in-law stopped by daily to take my dog walking; my daughters sent a care package from Amazon Fresh and sisters and friends checked in on me regularly.  I’m still mad though that I got sick. I’m better at being well and out and about.

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I have now visited over 100 Countries and hope to add at least 5 every year.
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5 Responses to Covid Caught up with Me

  1. Theresa Wurst says:

    Oh no so sorry 


    div>So I didn’t understand…you did take/reconsider pax?  We too have been vigilant..not as much as you thought

  2. The downsides to Paxlovid are long term high blood pressure, digestive issues and usually a rebound case…however, if struggling to breathe it can be a godsend. I did not need it thank goodness…catch is though, you have to take first 5 days so a tiny bit of a gamble but I figured with 5 vaccines I was going to have a mild case and so it has been! I’m grumpy today so I think that’s a sign that I’m ready to be done with it.

  3. dcsimp says:

    So sorry you’ve been sick. But you’ll bounce back and be better than ever!!  Hope to see you Thursday night. Can I give you a ride to Teresa’s?



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  4. skipper2430 says:

    Hope your feeling better!! Haven’t traveled  much–hope to get going soon. I retired several months ago but some what restricted in that I need to take care of Johnie –bed written w/MS. Asia-W Europe-Middle East would be good visit targets. Again hope your feeling better–say hello to the daughters for me. 

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