Clever Crooks part two

India 205

In India we took in Mumbai and the Golden Triangle. We started in the south and then traveled by rail up to Delhi where we hired a driver and car for the rest of the sights.

Unfortunately the reserved seating on the overnight train were too confusing for us. The numbers, cars, seats etc. were posted somewhere and it took at least 3  attempts to find that. After repeated visits to the office looking for explanations, a man approached us and offered his assistance. As his  shirt was somewhat similar to the ones worn by the office staff I assumed he was  a steward.  He promptly pointed out the board and brought us to our seats;  told us to leave our luggage and go up front to get our tickets stamped.

As a woman who is used to carrying a purse I never thought to leave my backpack behind. Not so my friend. The official in the first car looked at us like we were crazy and it hit me. We were bamboozled. That jaunt back to our  left belongings took seconds. Our suitcases were there but not the backpack with camera, computer, prescription medicine, maps, phone and snacks. It was a long, long night and now I pay attention to color of uniforms too!

For every one of these mishaps I have had dozens of positive experiences, times when people went way out of their way to help me.  Another learning experience!

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I have now visited over 100 Countries and hope to add at least 5 every year.
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