Countries Not Visited Yet


I am often asked which country I like best and my usual response is “the one I’ve not been to yet”.  I realize this is a cop-out of sorts and I really do have favorites but all for different reasons: such as the best food, the cheapest nice hotels, people who really like Americans, or easy transport from one place to another.  Of course, there are the incredible sites, the monuments reminding one of the history, the natural beauty and one would be remiss not to mention,” it’s my first time seeing all this, taking it all in!”  I have many favorites and all for valid if not varied reasons.

Armenia and Georgia 106 (640x480)

Today’s post will recount the countries I have not visited in Europe. There are only 4  if you don’t count Greenland and Crete.   I have tried to get to both Albania and Belarus for a couple of years now but can’t find a break on air tickets or the need for visas; as of now you need a transit visa to go through Russia and there aren’t many ways to get to Belarus, although I think one could probably take an overnight bus from Warsaw (not high on my shortlist at the moment). The other two countries are Andorra and Malta and island nations are never easy for the country collector who is not a sailor.

moving day

Each year it gets tougher and more expensive to add 5 new nations, but I do like the challenge! BTW, I’m off for about 10 days to visit 2 countries…and one is a new!

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I have now visited over 100 Countries and hope to add at least 5 every year.
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