My Daily Trip Walking my Dog

Now that I’m living close to the beach walking the dog takes on a whole new dimension. Due to the rules, it has to be either early in the morning or late afternoon. Sunrise and sunset are truly the best times though so I’m not complaining. I ‘m pretty sure I’ve seen the phenomenal green flash….but only once.

IMG_20150429_074404_912  IMG_20150427_072510_906


Gringa, my dog, is not used to sharing sidewalks and beach with so many other dogs of all sizes and breeds and her manners need adjusting. She is not mean, nor will she bite, but her bark and yipping puts both the hounds and their masters at bay. I’m going to try giving her treats to correct her to fend off my embarrassment. I would like her to sniff, wag her tail and start walking in silence.

IMG_20150429_074917_432  IMG_20150429_075119_123

PS…and I need to learn how to take selfies!

IMG_20150427_072824_480 (1)    IMG_20150429_075745_235

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