Visiting my Daughter When She Lived in HKG

What a treat! I would usually go for a month at a time pretending that I too lived in Hong Kong.  Her apartment was half way up Victoria Peak with giant picture windows overlooking the harbor. My favorite night-time activity was simply sitting there looking at the light show. I could not believe my luck.

IMG_0149   view

She had a gym in the building which kept me busy and I was great friends with the staff. When done with my workout I would find a new way to hike down to town, exploring each block and trying not to get lost…which is more difficult when you have the harbor and peak as landmarks.

import from years ago 566  IMG_1516

My only job was to prepare dinner and that task also became fun as I tried out different grocery stores with different foods. When loaded up with bundles I would take the apartment bus back up the hill.

IMG_1508   IMG_1512

About the time of my third  visit I decided I needed another hobby to fill up some time so I signed up for Mahjong lessons at the YWCA.  While it was interesting I did learn an important lesson: never, never, never agree to play with someone from China, especially if money was involved!

On the weekends, my daughter would take me on explorations all over the islands. We discovered the pink dolphins, local artists, the wine explosion in the city, and many hikes from the MacLehose Trail to the twins and 1000 steps.

IMG_1502  DSCN0423

Hong Kong is also a great place to explore the rest of Southeast Asia and we did that as well, from the Beijing Olympics to Boracay in the Philippines to Sri Lanka.

This post is from years ago….not traveling right now, but revisiting some of my favorites!


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5 Responses to Visiting my Daughter When She Lived in HKG

  1. lovetotrav says:

    Sounds like a wonderful routine to be in.. .one that I would love at least. Haven’t been to HK except the airport as a layover. Need to try to get there. You were brave re: the Mahjong lessons. Cheryl

    • The airport is a “trip” in itself! Hope you see the city soon…you’ll love it. Mahjong is complicated but fun, of course I’ve already forgotten most of the rules.

  2. Joe W(allevand) says:

    Deb, I believe your brother, Mike, filled you in as to my identity. It has now been three months since my retirement as a chemist at American Crystal Sugar and I thought it about time to find out (literally) “where in the world” you were currently. Reading about your world-wide wanderings leaves me completely out of breath, simultaneously providing vicarious satisfaction amid feelings of envy for your incredible globe trekking. Thank you for sharing your stories.

    • Just moved back to San Diego about a week ago! Was “stationed” in Oak Harbor for a few years and decided it was easier to depart and return from here! Thanks for the wonderful feedback, writing about my adventures was something I promised Mom I would do!

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