The Risk Averse Factor

I used to write for an on-line site whose publisher considered this one of the most important factors when describing a site or activities. While this term usually applies to finance or economics I understood why travelers might consider it when making plans for their trip.

Do you go to a country that has political or medical issues? Do you fly on an airline that has had a crash or two? Do you worry about food and water safety? Do you take a cruise down a river in China? Do you look at weather reports and consider hurricane or monsoon seasons?

I ask these questions while thinking age and responsibilities play a correlative role…or maybe not…might just be me. I remember my parents deciding to fly on different airplanes years ago,  just in case (they had lots of kids at home). I am at a time in my life when my duties are more limited than ever before and it amazes me that I’ve become braver or more careless.  I tend to look at imaginary “odds” instead.

Sorry, no photos, a blogger’s no-no but hey, I’m no longer risk-averse!

About Agingadventurer

I have now visited over 100 Countries and hope to add at least 5 every year.
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