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Too bad China isn’t a smaller country….means that I have to take multiple trips in order to see it all.  I guess foreign visitors must feel that way about the USA!  I’ve been to Beijing about as many times as I’ve been to New York City.  I’ve taken the train from Tibet to the capital and have been in all the southern bordering countries except Bhutan and I plan on doing that in October.  I’ve visited Shanghai a few times and have done the usual side-trips to see the terracotta warriors and to see the vacation spot of Hangzhou.  Next up is the area around Guilin with a boat trip down the Li River and some hiking. I’ve attempted to do this before from Hong Kong but waited to long to get the cheap flight.

import from years ago 455      shanghai

So, I am planning on going to Shanghai once more on one of the first non-stops on Delta from LAX.  Then another fast train (think at least 10 hours due to distance) and then looking forward to an adventure that I will arrange upon arrival. I’m actually going to check out the bamboo rafts for a ride down the scenic area of the River Li with a hike back. With a river to guide me I should be able to find my way….probably will have various arms to confuse me;-)

China-d-train-shanghai                          canstockphoto9550345


I had to buy a new visa and now have 10 years to see all that I have missed!


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I have now visited over 100 Countries and hope to add at least 5 every year.
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  1. We had a wonderful visit to Guilin and Yangshuo (check out our blog posts for the details). We added on visiting the famous rice paddies and a stay at the little village of Ping’an – a memorable visit!

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