Getting to Know You…and All About You

The first time it happened was in Croatia. I was lost in my rental car and could not find my hotel.  I did what I normally do in such situations and stopped and asked two women for directions.  This is usually somewhat difficult as I really only speak English and it’s quite common that younger people are more apt to understand me and are more willing to speak my native tongue.

That day there were no teenagers around, and very few people walking on the road.  I stopped two older women who were slowly ambling along and they both shook their heads with no idea of what I was talking about and in return I was a bit surprised when they opened the rear door of the car and climbed in.  They pointed at various intersections and I turned accordingly. After a few miles they indicated that I should stop.  I looked around, not recognizing any hotels but they seemed satisfied as I had taken them home.

They stumbled out leaving me even more lost.  In retrospect it was a happy moment as I often thought it would be nice to repay all the wondrous help natives have given me over the years.


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I have now visited over 100 Countries and hope to add at least 5 every year.
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