Dying Mid-trip Could be a “Bummer”

As I travel frequently and most often out of country I’ve had to consider the possibility of dying inconviently…for me of course and for my family.  I would hate for my daughters to use their vacation time trying to find my body or worry about getting it home…especially when my house is a fluid situation and not a solid base ( I sold my condo so I could travel).

One of my sisters told me about Neptune Society and their  world-wide travel protection plan that is not like your average travel insurance…this one covers all costs of cremation or providing “mortal remains in a minimum transport container to the local chapter in San Diego (both of my children live here).

She also said that if I was accidentally incinerated my beneficiaries would get a refund!

Macabre is not my thing; I’m truly trying to be practical and this makes sense to me. I do have  great medical air coverage if I happen to live through my potential catastrophe!



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I have now visited over 100 Countries and hope to add at least 5 every year.
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2 Responses to Dying Mid-trip Could be a “Bummer”

  1. Jeanne Nordstrom says:

    6 “Wadena” girl friends from the class of 1967 were together on the North Shore. Mary Donovan knew of your blog. Amazing!
    My sympathy to you on your mom’s death. What good pals our moms were! Both were strong women’s, role models for us.
    Love to you and your siblings from Jeanne Johnson Nordstrom (Clara’s daughter)

  2. Oh what fun to hear from you, I remember you well and of course Clara…loved her! Thanks for the note and I’ll pass on your greetings.

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