Touring the Beautiful River Li with Thousands of Others

Okay I know that there are many people in China and that on a gorgeous hot summer day they might all gravitate toward the water….and I joined right in. The River Li has been listed as one of the most scenic rivers in the world so of course everyone would want to see it, up close and personal on a “bamboo raft”.

P1030642 P1030651 P1030664 P1030669
The peaks and rolling hills stood along the banks like parade watchers as the boats floated by. The green emphasized the clear water and while this scenario was created to instill calm and relaxation it was distracting to be sharing the space with so many noisy motors and another raft always photo-bombing your idyllic picture.  I tried finding the scene that is on the 20 note, finally did but by that time had spent the money!

P1030670  P1030671

Not too lucky with the hike either as after a couple hundred yards the path was no longer passable and had to take the main road. Still have the rash from something in the underbrush but all in all, a good time. Another place that I checked off the list!


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