Eating in Ethiopia

American fast food franchises are ubiquitous  around the world but my last two trips were to countries without any.  However, there are many places in the city of Addis Ababa where one could get burgers and pizza.  But why would you when you could enjoy their national dish of injera with wot and other condiments like beets and rice?

canstockphoto16264468  ethiopia 349

I had recently watched the CNN’s Anthony Bourdain episode when he visited Ethiopia with celebrity chef Marcus Samuelssen so was not surprised by the tasty cuisine.

In the villages one could easily find both coffee (said to have originated in this country just like humans!) and beer.  The alcohol was advertised with a can on a stick with a white rag wrapped around it, usually sticking out the window of the hut. While I did not indulge in this I did try the coffee.

ethiopia 332  ethiopia 333




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2 Responses to Eating in Ethiopia

  1. anisakazemi says:

    Wow looks so interesting! And colourful!

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