Lucy in the Sky….

The National Museum in Addis Ababa is impressive, especially the basement floor where Lucy, the 3.2 million year old ancestor of humans is displayed. Lucky for me there was an expert who just happened to be there filming a documentary.  He took time to point out various treasures including the earliest child, even older than Lucy!

ethiopia 284    ethiopia 279

There are other places of note to visit in the capital city like the Addis Ababa University campus that also houses the Ethnography Museum. By starting here, I was able to take in a few places without getting lost like the Holy Trinity Church, the Haile Selassie Museum and the Parliament buildings.

ethiopia 271   ethiopia 286

ethiopia 287   ethiopia 353

Because the names of the streets are not mapped one does have to stop and ask young adults directions…and one of them happened to be a young lady who now lived in Minnesota and was back in Ethiopia visiting relatives!  With their help I was also able to visit the Piazza area too.

ethiopia 293   ethiopia 288

Getting  out of the city was a must in order to see how the majority of people lived.  I enjoyed seeing the villages, the farms, the markets and of course, the children!

ethiopia 296  ethiopia 302

ethiopia 335   ethiopia 325


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I have now visited over 100 Countries and hope to add at least 5 every year.
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8 Responses to Lucy in the Sky….

  1. Joy Thomas says:

    You truely are an adventurer. Good for you.

  2. Bill McGrath says:

    Deb; thanks so much for sharing- I have travelled a bit, nothing like you so this is my vicarious journey -Keep going girl

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