My Favorite Reason for the ExPat Experience

During the last U.S presidential election year I was lucky to be living in Panama. I received no robocalls, I watched entertaining TV (mostly reruns of  Friends and Seinfeld) and there were no 24 hour news programs that riled people up with constant “breaking news”!

boquete 002 (480x640)   boquete 004 (640x480)

When I wanted to discuss politics I tried to do it in Spanish…hence there was little of that. While many of the people living there came from Europe, Canada or the U.S. and kept their citizenship as well as love of their country; the hating, the drama, the persuasive ads were not missed at all!

boquete 020  hike 007

I did keep abreast of issues and candidates and exercised my right to vote with the absence of the angst I am feeling today with about nine months of this left!

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5 Responses to My Favorite Reason for the ExPat Experience

  1. Do you think the politics is the complex problem? TT_TT

  2. jiminpanama says:

    No kidding. We don’t miss the politics there either. I like not knowing every little detain. Panama = Stress free. Enjoyed your work today

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