Long Lines

Travelling today often involves lines that move rather slowly whether you’re waiting for security checks or to get a visa upon arrival.  I find myself trying to be first in line to get to that overhead  bin before they fill up.  Being the  impatient sort  the time drags on even more.

P1030269   Burma 049 (640x480)

However, I have discovered that engaging in conversations with those around me often allows me to discover some amazing stories as well as moving the line and the time.  It helps of course if you speak the same language although I’ve managed a few heart-to-heart exchanges with contorted facial expressions and unconventional signing.

Then you have the rules of queuing which are either adhered to or flagrantly ignored, depending on cultures, attitudes and the gift some people have of not seeing you even when you are in their face so to speak.  In such a situation I need to convince myself that there is a good reason for these violations in order to keep my patience in check.  I imagine my mother’s propensity for making up some great excuses for them and chuckle and let someone else take up the “fight”.


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I have now visited over 100 Countries and hope to add at least 5 every year.
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3 Responses to Long Lines

  1. Teri Merickel says:

    That’s funny. I, too, thought of Mom reminding us that “patience is a virtue”😜

  2. Bill McGrath says:

    My daughter, Justine, is in Katmandu and LOVING her travels!

    • Getting a visa there was one LLLOOOONNNGG Line! Although met a woman from Norway who was there to take tango lessons….and a young couple from Israel who shared their chocolate with me;-)
      Glad Justine is loving her travels!

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