Pleased to Meet You!

Since my divorce 20 years ago I have lived alone and have slipped comfortably into the skin of an introvert. The fact that I have a large loving family made it easier to not seek out new friends.  I am working on this however.

Recently I went on a group hiking trip in Italy with my two daughters, 10 strangers and a couple of guides,also new to me.  On day one we started out at 11 in the morning and hiked for about four hours, waiting until evening to formalize introductions.


Inspired by a glass of wine (might have been two) I somehow suggested that it would be fun if I introduced everyone instead of going around the circle and telling something about ourselves.  What was I thinking? My daughters thought this was hilarious and encouraged the group to let me give it a try. While trudging along I had time to visit with others as my daughters surged ahead and the new me was practicing their names and asking questions instead of talking about myself.

    my My new friends were  intriguing : among them were a former competitive ballroom dancer, an international driver of road rallies, one of the best orchestrators  in the world and of course, local Italians, with many talents!


By the time I reached number fourteen I was actually sweating.  Thank goodness everyone was gracious and helped me out when I got stuck.





About Agingadventurer

I have now visited over 100 Countries and hope to add at least 5 every year.
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1 Response to Pleased to Meet You!

  1. Cindy Johnson Gleysteen says:

    So interesting! I want to hear more!! I soundslike the beginning of a book!!

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