Big Toe and the Jam

Seriously? That was the name of the band playing at a local pub and listed as a “thing” for us to do after the Gala Dinner at my 50th College Reunion! I have to admit I happily skipped that particular happening.


The College of St. Benedict’s in St. Joseph, MN provided a liberal arts education for about 125 women in my class. It was great fun seeing so many friends, some that I had lost touch with for years and years. To make it even more realistic we stayed in the dorms!


The memories mostly brought forth gales of laughter, so much so that my throat still hurts.  The agenda was stuffed with conversations, picnics, classes, tours and impromptu wine socials.


We delighted each other with memorable moments that were totally forgotten by others.  One old friend said she recalled that I was the first person she met when we were Freshmen and that I had asked her to help me find someplace I could have a cigarette!  Another laughed at how the two of us were duped by her boyfriend telling us that their dorm was having an open house and how brazenly we walked in the front door.


The “brother” school is about 5 miles down the road and activities were spread among both campuses. Naturally we took the Bennie bus back and forth. The incredible new buildings at both sites had us totally disorientated. While it was inspiring to see all these and hear so many stimulating orations it was my friends that made this weekend one I will cherish.


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