Laws and Borders

Researching the culture and norms of a country before visiting is one of the items I check off before leaving home.  Often times it helps with packing and sometimes it sets you back just a little.  For instance, when I was planning my Romania trip, I discovered that I had better bring the top to my bathing suit!  Actually I was headed there in the Spring so no suit was needed, however, there was a report that older or  unattractive women were not allowed to go topless at the beach resorts because the sight apparently drove down sales of ice cream!

Another trip had me meeting my daughter in Singapore (she lived in Hong Kong at the time) and she wanted me to bring her some of her favorite things she missed from the USA.  Bubble Gum was on the list but there was no way I would pack that in my suitcase!  I’m not sure what they do to you when you disobey the multitude of “don’ts” there, but I did not want to find out.

There are a few more rules, some that make sense and others that are quite baffling.  You can’t hike naked in Switzerland or wear high heels in the acropolis.  Leave your camouflage at home when touring the Caribbean. And don’t take any selfies with Buddha in Sri Lanka. And heed the following: you are not supposed to wear lacy underwear in Russia or pee in the ocean off Portugal.  Just saying………








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I have now visited over 100 Countries and hope to add at least 5 every year.
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