My Forsaken Passport

Dusty, unused, at first I couldn’t remember where it was.  My carry-on bag is now full of toilet paper, hidden under the bed.  Those cute hotel shampoo bottles are filled with hand sanitizer and are ubiquitous: in my car, in my purse, in my pockets.  

I can’t recall the Capitals of various European Countries…it’s been way too long.  I miss my travel escapades.  Where is the adventure, the excitement, the awe of a new place; somewhere with a language I don’t understand, a food foreign to my palate, people who stare at me as the stranger?

My airline miles have increased somewhat with card purchases.  I am buying crazy clothes and exercise equipment that are advertised on Facebook and never arrive but give me cause to write many emails to foreign lands demanding service.

I watch films and TV shows where others are on the move, making me even more anxious. I read everyone’s opinion on when and where Americans might be allowed and that list is not very encouraging. 

I’m hoping I don’t get scammed once travel opens. The thought of having to pay for 14 nights in a hotel under quarantine before venturing forth is not enticing to me.  Will I have to get a Covid-19 test before leaving and another upon entering?  How much will that cost? What vaccines will countries allow as effective and safe?  If I get the disease will a Dr.’s note allow me to travel more freely? Hoping, however, that is not my last resort;-)

About Agingadventurer

I have now visited over 100 Countries and hope to add at least 5 every year.
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4 Responses to My Forsaken Passport

  1. Joy says:

    Look at the bright side. You have traveled to places most of us have never heard of or been to. Any places in the USA you haven’t visited? Stay well.

    • I have been most fortunate…probably why I miss it so much! I’m going up to Ft. Bragg in Northern California the end of September and looking forward to it. I have been to all 50 States but not multiple times so there’s that too! Thanks for reading and the encouragement.

  2. Theresa Wurst says:

    I feel your anguish. Personally the uncertainty is Greater with each birthday as this precious time is stolen. I do get joy from going through past travel photos , reading about those places (Cuba now) and then cling onto tiny shreds of beauty each day….seeing all the covid puppies, making a delicious meal, conversation with family. We’ll get through this but I’m thinking less exotic itineraries and back to our faves in Europe perhaps. Where are you hoping to go??

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