Play it Again Sam

While I don’t know a Sam and I realize this is not a direct quote from Casablanca the aches and chills I have suffered all day reminded me of a time years ago when I traveled to Morocco by myself.

Luckily yesterday I received the second of my Covid vaccine and it must be working because I am basically down and out (for just a brief time I’m sure). The following is a brief synopsis of this old journey.

I arrived in Casablanca, feeling unbelievably terrible but managed to exchange money and find the train to take into the city. When I disembarked I was both confused and befuddled. My shivers offered a slight distraction from the throbbing pains that flooded my entire being. I wandered around the station for a few minutes trying to gather a sense of direction and balance. The anxiety of the moment seemed overwhelming and I forgot my conviction of sticking to public transportation. I hopped in the first taxi I saw and simply gave him the address of my hotel.

Moments later I regretted that decision as he honked at every other cab and put his fingers to his lips with a gesture that implied “Boy, do I have a sucker as my fare; she didn’t ask about the meter, the cost, rien (nothing).”I paid more for that ride than I did for the round-trip train ticket.

Upon arrival at the hotel reception desk I asked for a map and directions to a Doctor. Unfortunately it was somewhere around noon and most of the city was closed for a few hours. I bravely set forth and think I saw the old medina, some parks and some buildings. I was in a fog and had to concentrate on not getting run over as I walked across the streets. Traffic was not nearly as difficult as my wandering mind.

Finally I found a pharmacy, described my symptoms with sign language and traveler’s French and gratefully accepted whatever pills he dispensed. I had hoped to take a shower to warm up but I didn’t have the strength to turn on the faucet. I crawled into bed fully clad with all the clean clothes in my suitcase, the blankets from both beds and when I was still shivering I took the curtains down as well. I could not warm up. For the first time in years I was hot flash free for 48 hours.

Mind you, I’m not complaining as I am delighted to have the two doses of Moderna and know this is nothing compared to that horrible virus!

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I have now visited over 100 Countries and hope to add at least 5 every year.
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2 Responses to Play it Again Sam

  1. dcsimp says:

    Missed seeing you tonight. I’m sure you will be up and at ‘em tomorrow!


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