Vaccinated and Ready, Set, Go?

I have not planned a real trip in over a year. I did fly twice but that was because people needed my help….no real adventure or new place. This past week I decided it was time. I looked to see which of the countries I have not visited were open to Americans. There was only one: Seychelles!  The fact that I completed my vaccinations a month ago I will not have to quarantine.  As of now, however, I will need to be tested before flying both directions.  

First attempt was disasterous as I had to book two different airlines and I totally screwed up when trying to marry the itinerary. Thankfully my initial airline allowed a change within 24 hours without penalty. I noticed that I was arriving in Dubai a few hours later than my next leg departed.  Definitely a beginner mistake, but hey, it’s been over a year since I actually booked a trip and this one was not easy. I had hoped to fly Emirates in Business Class but it was way too expensive. Next I tried Delta, my airline of choice due to great benefits if I reach Diamond Status.  They only fly as far as Dubai.  From there the only non-stop flight was on Emirates so I’m hoping I at least get to see Business Class from my economy seat.  I booked my hotel through Emirates as it was the best deal I could find. 

Next concern was who would take care of my dog? Usually my daughter and son-in-law take her but they had already agreed to help out a neighbor with her dog…and SHE PAYS THEM! I twisted her arm a bit and she will take mine for most of the week if I found someone else to take her on the weekend. Whew! My sister came to the rescue.

Finally the double check: visa not needed, euros or local currency accepted, taxis available at airport or from hotel at twice the cost. I also did half-board which is something I do when travelling alone as I feel both more comfortable eating at my hotel and safer because I don’t need to go out on my own at night.

Only 32 more days!

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I have now visited over 100 Countries and hope to add at least 5 every year.
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