Accra, the Capital of Ghana

It’s been awhile since I’ve visited a new country and luckily for me I found a good fare for Ghana.  As I was traveling alone and was not sure how best to  get around, I contacted my hotel, the Movenpick, for assistance.  Their transport desk was happy to oblige and set up tours that fit both my schedule and desires. I was thrilled with my guide, Stephen Komla Kpogoh  (In Ghana the children are often named after the day of the week that they were born)and driver, Patrick.  They were fantastic.

Ghana, once called the Gold Coast is now known for its color, music and artwork. It’s also almost the center of the World! While they have many natural resources besides gold they do have problems with unemployment and rising debt. However it is considered a safer country to visit than the U.S!

Accra is actually the second most expensive  city in Africa but has many immigrants who come here looking for a better life.  Due to cost of living many of the locals work at more than one job to survive, often setting up “shop” on the streets to sell something or offer some service.  It is illegal so they often  start early and close up before the city is completely awake.

My first tour was of the city proper and Stephen had the answer for everyone of my questions.  I knew that Ghana had been colonized by the Brits but didn’t know they had been subjects to the Portuguese, Dutch, and others as well. I was surprised that they drove on the right since they gained their independence from the British in 1957 but Stephen said they were excited to change everything.

The history of this country was memorialized in the museums I visited, the National Museum and the  W.E.B. DuBois Centre which contains memorabilia and his personal library. I also spent some time at the famous market, the Makola, which is quite large and the Black Star Square which overlooks the Sea.

I didn’t have to go far to see some incredible art as my hotel had local works throughout.  There were sculptures, paintings, and artifacts on each floor, in the lobby, and in all hallways.  Many were for sale and others were permanent. I opted to skip out on their vibrant music scene that was  part of the nightlife but understand they do have festivals featuring their music periodically, the next one in the Black Star Square December 29th and 30th!

My next blog will cover my full day tour out of the city to Kakum National Park and the Cape Coast Castle.



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7 Responses to Accra, the Capital of Ghana

  1. Susan says:

    Sounds like a great spot – and completely off my radar so I’ll await your next post with eagerness. Thanks for the tempting idea.

  2. Thanks, it truly is an amazing place. Where is your next journey?

    • Susan says:

      Nothing booked yet – just returned from 20 days in Morocco – loved it! I remember that you’ve been there….not sure where I’ll head next. One thing for sure, I can’t keep up with you….love reading your posts though. Susan

  3. dreaming about the next place is half the fun!

  4. Theresa Wurst says:

    A great review Debby!!

  5. Theresa Wurst says:

    Always an inspiration

  6. Thanks, I have Stephens’ contact info in case you go sometime!

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