Cape Coast Tour of Ghana

It’s a day long drive from Accra but worth every minute. You’ll go through multiple small villages and window shop the markets as you breeze by. The small goats are ubiquitous and I worried that they wouldn’t know their way home but was assured it’s routine for them to end the day at their pen regardless of where their curiosity took them.

I was with Stephen and Patrick again in their comfortable SUV with air conditioning and clean windows. It was fun to listen to the two of them speaking both English and their indigenous language, intermixed without skipping a beat. When I asked one of my frequent questions Stephen answered in perfect English. He has been guiding tourists for over 20 years and was most knowledgeable about both his country and mine. We also discussed problems and accomplishments of many African nations.

On our way to the coast we stopped at Kakum National Park known for its suspension bridges high above the forest floor among 300 year old trees. The park also houses a museum with information and exhibits about the flora and fauna. If one is even more adventurous they can spend the night in the tree house!

After working up a sweat and a little anxiety on the single plank walkway we got back into the car for another few hours to the Cape Coast Castle. Along the way we saw a boat building yard, many more villages, more goats and many entrepreneurs.

 I learned a great deal about the horrific Atlantic Slave trade.  A special guide took us through this compound and pointed out the total dichotomy of life above and below ground.  There was a church, school, luxurious lodging that sat atop the dark, dingy cells where many Africans suffered for months before their  horrendous journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

This guide wanted us to experience just a little of the horrendous pain that the men and women endured for months before embarking on the long journey across the Atlantic in the bowels of some ship. She had us all step into a tiny cell and closed the door and turned off the light. It was hot, humid, stinky and quite unsettling. Her point was well taken. I literally thought I would faint and could not wait for the moment to be over.

It was a long trip back to the hotel.

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