Lipstick on a Pig

I hate to diss on my favorite airline as I work hard each year to prove my loyalty. But my trip to Sao Paulo had me more than a little discouraged. I had hoped to use my global upgrades both ways but in order to do so I had to book the next highest level. For this flight it was their new “cabin”, the Premium Select, which is saddled between their domestic first class and their Delta One.

I was fortunate to get the upgrade on the outbound but due to the 3 hour delay in Atlanta I missed my connection in Sao Paulo and lost an entire day of sightseeing in Iguazu. Ten hours in their lovely very large airport was not fun.

On the return I was first in line for the upgrade with 2 seats remaining but apparently 2 other people had paid more for their ticket or something and I missed out. Since I had already paid for the Premium Select I was somewhat hopeful but was disappointed in almost everything. The dedicated overhead bin space was stuffed with bags from everywhere, the food was not appetizing and while served with actual silverware the salad and main course appeared in cardboard containers. It was difficult to sleep more than a few minutes with the close proximity to the galley for Delta One (flight attendants were talking, working hard and making noise). And the pillow, blanket, limited recline and footrest were not sufficient. Do you remember when airlines gave everyone a pillow and blanket no matter what seat you were in? And the sparkling wine was served in paper coffee cups!

I will think twice before booking Premium Select in the future and wish I had checked reviews from others.

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