My Untimely Trip to Tahiti

At first I checked out small cruise ships but could not find one without a steep penalty for a solo booking. I have never been to French Polynesia and due to the number of silly Facebook quizzes requiring a trip to Tahiti to get a point, I decided I would go and take a ferry from one island to another.

While the flight price was reasonable, the hotel and food were surprisingly expensive. I booked the hotel thinking I was getting breakfast but found out that no food or drink was included; however a hefty daily resort fee was added to the bill.

And it was rainy season! I knew that but decided to indulge anyway. The hotel did offer umbrellas for use free of charge…and beach towels.

I decided to stay in Papeete (thank goodness a friend taught me how to pronounce it before arriving) and do day trips from there.  Besides a great walk on the beach and a long walk to a convenience store to buy something to eat in the room, I also took the hotel bus into the town proper and walk until I got lost and had a great quiche at a local restaurant.

Another day I signed up for a group tour of Moorea where a boat took us on a tour of the island, stopping for a great encounter with sand sharks and manta rays and then landing on a small private island for a barbeque and a cultural show. The musicians that accompanied us loved their job and kept all of us delighted the entire day. The trip to and from Moorea was on the public ferry where I actually met the pilots who flew me back home the next day!

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2 Responses to My Untimely Trip to Tahiti

  1. Jan says:

    Sounds like a wonderful trip, in spite of the rain.

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